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Criminals Caught on Camera

It's not a good time to be a burglar. It's simply getting harder and harder to get by with anything. Now that surveillance cameras are more affordable, they are common additions to security systems, making it easier than ever to identify and capture criminals. But there's another big reason burglars should make a career change. Victims across the country are fighting back by posting the videos of their break-ins online, exposing criminals and their illegal activities.

A good example is this first video posted on YouTube by jamiedog. He edited and posted his surveillance footage, stating, "All persons involved were captured, charged, and sentenced." His video starts off a little slow at first, but you can see the thieves as they case his home, first knocking on the door politely, then using a crowbar to gain entry.

It's not just home owners posting their break-in footage. Police departments across the country are also using online media, asking for help to identify burglary suspects. Here is an example posted on YouTube by the Virginia Beach Police Department. In it, they ask the community to help them identify an intruder that broke into a business.

If criminals aren't getting enough attention online, news agencies broadcast video footage on television as well, making it even more difficult for criminals to remain anonymous. WSB-TV news in Georgia played this home owner's video over the airwaves, hoping to get more information about the suspect in custody. Then they posted their newscast on YouTube for further attention.

No, it is definitely not a good time to be a burglar. In this modern age, criminals face more than a criminal conviction. After all, a jail sentence has an end date, but online video is forever.

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