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East Cascade Security customers controlling their security from their smartphone

Why People Prefer to Manage Their Alarm Systems from Their Smartphone.

It's yet another reason to pick up your smartphone . . . as though you needed one. We pretty much have our entire lives on these things. Now that smartphones have become like mini personal computers, we navigate our social media, calendars, and emails from our phone. Not to mention the countless other reasons we keep our smartphones nearby (news apps, GPS, YouTube surfing, Netflix binging, music apps . . . need we say more?).

With so much of our lives already on our smartphone, it is no surprise that Mobile Access has become our customer's favorite way to manage their security systems. Here are the Top 3 reasons our customers keep telling us they love having smartphone access to their alarm systems:

  1. So Quick and Easy!

  2. Most of us have become modern day cyborgs with our smartphone glued to us throughout the day. This makes our phones an incredibly useful way to access and control our security systems. Not only do we get immediate notifications about any alarm activities, we can also quickly arm and disarm our alarm systems and check alarm history. This can come in very handy when we have out of town guests or children that activate the alarm unintentionally. It's also nice to be able to check in on your loved ones to make sure they got home alright by looking at your event history.

  3. Video Streaming Convenience

  4. Having the ability to look at your live video surveillance from your smartphone has made alarm verification easier than ever. For most customers this added feature has almost completely eliminated false alarm issues. No longer having to guess what is causing an alarm activation means no more unnecessary police dispatches. More importantly, it also means that if you do see a true break-in, our central station can alert the police of a verified burglary attempt, which receives a higher priority police response than an unverified alarm.

    East Cascade Security surveillance on smartphone of kids arriving home.

    Video streaming has many security purposes, but is also nice for simple every day conveniences. Many of our customers check in on their kids to make sure they are home and doing their homework after school. Others like to keep an eye on their pets or use their video feeds in conjunction with disarming their systems for expected guests or housekeepers.

  5. Complete Control

  6. We probably all have a little inner control freak hiding somewhere inside us; nothing satiates that desire for control more than having the ability to control almost everything in your home from your smart phone. This covers basic security system aspects like arming and disarming - but for smart automation owners it also covers features like controlling your thermostat, indoor and outdoor lights, and endless electronic appliances.

    East Cascade Security diagram of smart home automation.

    Warning: we've noticed a side-effect of having this much power at your fingertips is that you smart home owners have found yourself playing pranks on your loved ones. Our home automation customers have been known to do things like spook their children with flashing lights or playfully lock and re-lock the door as their spouse is trying to leave. Pretty sneaky. While we offer smart automation to make our customer's lives easier, you keep showing us there is a fun factor to all of this technology we'd never even thought of!

East Cascade Security client laughing at his smart automation prank.

Whether you are taking advantage of all of the security features of Mobile Access, or it is simply fueling your next prank, one thing is certain: it has become your most preferred security system feature. Thanks for sharing all of your stories with us and telling us what you loved so far about having smartphone access to your security systems.

Stay tuned for more safety tips brought to you by East Cascade Security.

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