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Guard Against Alarm Scams

As a family owned, Central Oregon company, we always strive to keep you aware of issues that could directly impact you. There is one issue in particular that has become a disturbing trend: con artists posing as your security company. The details may change but the intentions are always the same: to deceive you out of your money or property.

Here are some circumstances to watch out for:

Burglars Acting as Your Alarm Company

It is a daring ruse, but has been increasingly in the news: thieves brazen enough to knock on doors and pretend to be from your own alarm company. They do this to gain your trust and access into your home. Once inside, they will be making notes about your floor plan, valuables, and anything else needed to target your home. As a security company employee, it may not set off any warning flags when they ask you personal questions about how many people live in your home, how many pets you have, or what kind of security equipment you have. Even worse, some of the more advanced thieves may ask you to fill out "company paperwork" that has been designed to glean information about you that will enable them to target you for identity theft as well.

Corrupt Sales People Disguised as East Cascade Security

Our employees wear East Cascade Security ID badges, however, these sales people will often wear clothing from professional alarm supplier's such as Interlogix, Honeywell, or Ademco. They canvas neighborhoods and stop at homes that have security stickers or yard signs, then knock on your door and represent themselves as your alarm company. They have many different stories but their purpose is to get into your security system, change it out or modify it, and then get you to sign a contract. They have a handful of stories they tell their victims: They may say that East Cascade has gone out of business, sold, or changed its name and they are there to "help" you update your contract. They may say they are there to upgrade your system for free or service your alarm system. What they will leave you with is an inferior alarm system and a costly long-term contract with a disreputable out of state company. This contract may not even include monitoring and could leave your home completely vulnerable.

Fraudulent Phone Calls

Another issue to be aware of is that people are receiving solicitation phone calls from persons claiming to be your security company or a competing alarm company. They may offer a free security system or another enticing deal. When they get you to agree, they will ask you tell them personal information about yourself in an effort to "qualify you" for a credit check. They are not professional security experts . . . they are professional identity thieves.


  1. If anyone approaches you at your home asking to talk to you about your security system, please call us immediately at 541-389-0015.

  2. Know your security company. We will never show up unannounced at your door to tell you about major changes with our company. We will always notify you by letter, email, or both.

  3. If you receive a phone call from someone who says they are from East Cascade Security and you are uncertain about their credibility, call us to verify. The safest conversation with your security company is the one you initiate.

  4. Never let a door-to-door sales person look at your security system.

  5. It is disconcerting to learn that there are people who would use the same industry that was created to protect people as a means to harm them. Staying aware will keep you, your family, and property protected. If you ever have any concerns about anything at all, please don't hesitate to call us.

    Stay tuned for more safety tips brought to you by East Cascade Security.

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