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How to Test Your Security System

It's spring in Central Oregon and many of us are following our annual rituals of spring cleaning, maintenance, and garden prepping as we look forward to the beautiful summer ahead. It is common for alarm system owners to include testing their security system in with these annual routines. Did you know you should actually test your alarm system on a monthly basis for optimal performance? Here is our simple guide to get this job done quickly.

  1. Test Your Door and Window Contacts, and Motion Detectors.

  2. Put your system in chime mode to make this easier.

    Check to be sure your system is in READY mode, but DO NOT ARM it.

    Now, simply go through your home, opening doors and windows that have a contact sensor attached to them. You should hear a chime every time you open a door or window with a contact sensor. If you don't hear that chime, there is a possibility that this contact isn't working properly. Test it a couple more times. If it doesn't give you consistent chime responses, please call us so we can replace or reposition that contact for you.

    Once you are done with the window and door contacts, walk in front of the motion sensors one by one and check your alarm panel to be sure that it recognizes the motion. Doesn't seem to show? Ask a friend or family member to walk through your motions while you look at your alarm panel to be sure that you are catching the motion display. If you still can't see motion detection, you may need to replace that sensor.

  3. Test Your Monitoring Communication

  4. Call our monitoring center with your password and account information ready. Advise the operator you’d like to test your alarm system and to place your system in TEST mode.

    Arm your alarm system and then set off your alarm by opening a door or walking in front of a motion sensor. The alarm will need to sound for at least one minute and then you can disarm your system.

    With that done, give us a call back at our monitoring center to verify your signal was received, and ask the operator to place your account back online and off testing mode.

    You're done! We hope you found this simple and easy. Please call us if you have any concerns or questions about this process.

    Stay tuned for more safety tips brought to you by East Cascade Security.

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