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East Cascade Security doorbell camera.

Knock Knock! Now you can ALWAYS know who's there.

Would you like to be able to answer your door anytime of the day - whether you're home or not? Now you can, using the Smart Alert Doorbell Camera. Your doorbell camera will send you an instant alert on your smartphone with live video and audio of any new visitors. Chat live with them whether you're home in your family room or on vacation half a world away.

After receiving many recent requests for this newest security feature, we are excited that we can now provide this for our East Cascade Security customers. Our Smart Alert Doorbell Camera operates perfectly with most existing security and smart home systems. It offers all of the important features our customers have been asking for:

  • Video clips recorded of every front door visitor.
  • Clear night vision HD camera.
  • 2 way live communication with visitors from anywhere you are.
  • Full 180° view from your doorbell camera.
  • Extreme weather resistance: works from -40° to 140° F.

  • How it works:

    Your Smart Alert Doorbell Camera will detect any new visitors, whether they ring your doorbell, knock, or quietly put a package at your door before leaving. Once your doorbell camera detects a visitor, it immediately sends a live video and audio feed to your smartphone, enabling you to talk with your new visitor. The Smart Alert Doorbell camera is equipped with both a speaker and a microphone to allow this two way communication.

    Doorbell activity log on smartphone of East Cascade customer.

    There is no need to worry If you aren't home or can't make it to your phone while your visitor arrives. Your Smart Alert Doorbell Camera records video clips of each and every visitor, storing them in your phone for you to view at your own convenience.

    Deliveryman in Bend, Oregon at front door to home.

    Does the Smart Alert Doorbell Camera sound right for you? Please call East Cascade Security and we can schedule your professional installation soon. 541-389-0015

    Stay tuned for more safety tips brought to you by East Cascade Security.

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