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New Year: New Security Measures

As this new year begins, many people are jumping on the resolution bandwagon, re-thinking how they live their lives. While these goals usually focus on health and fitness, it doesn't hurt to expand that to larger issues, like home security. Protecting your health is one thing, but protecting your home and business could save your life.

The largest issue that comes to mind when thinking of new security measures is the necessity for cameras. While cameras used to be a luxury addition to home security in years past, technology has advanced to the point in which they are more affordable than ever before.

burglar with camera pointing at him

Why are camera's the new necessity? It takes your home and business protection to the next level. The FBI's recent statistics report that less than 13% of robberies are solved. Having a well-rounded alarm system helps to close that gap and aids law enforcement when they need evidence to solve the crime.

Camera's are also often the deciding factor between conviction or freedom. If you've ever had any experience with our justice system, you may have mixed feelings or frustrations that come to mind. It is not uncommon to hear the complaint that criminals have more rights than victims. A prosecutor has the difficult job of proving beyond reasonable doubt that a person has committed a crime. Video footage of burglaries is often the evidence that tips the scale of reasonable doubt.

burglar with camera pointing at him

Now that 2015 is underway, consider the added protection cameras can give to your existing security system. New Year's resolutions are meant to bring us more happiness and success, but a better security system will bring you more peace of mind.

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