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Save Money Using Today's Technology

Looking for ways to reduce your monthly bills? Modern technology has made this easier than ever. Simple changes and small investments now can reduce your overall long-term costs. Here are four easy examples:

  1. Smart Home Technology

  2. While many enjoy the convenience of smart home technology, it also keeps costs down when programmed efficiently. For instance, you can program different areas of your home to different temperatures, leaving the less inhabited areas to use minimum energy. You can also set up your thermostat to use less energy at varying times of the day based on when you are home or asleep. Lights left on overnight can raise rates easily, so programming all of your electronic devices to turn off automatically at night can save you quite a bit. This is especially helpful if you fall asleep frequently while watching TV.

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    Electric companies charge more money for electricity usage during their peak times of the day. By setting up regularly cycling items, like Jacuzzi and pool heaters, to run on off-peak hours - you'll avoid paying premium prices. Even electric water heaters programmed to run on off-peak hours can save you money, as a properly insulated heater will keep the water warm throughout the day.

  3. Cut Your Cable TV Expense

  4. Depending on your preferred programming, you may be able to eliminate cable altogether. Many shows are now available from online sources such as Netflix Streaming, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, and Apple TV. You can even watch network television such as NBC and ABC for free with the proper antenna (be sure to do some research before you buy - you'll want a good outdoor antenna). If you want to record your favorite network television shows, you can still do this with a DVR such as the Channel Master or Tivo DVR. Saving money is an immediate advantage but there are some drawbacks to consider such as the loss of cable news and sports channels. Be sure to do your research first to be sure this is a good fit for you.

  5. Cancel Your Landline

  6. If you still have a landline telephone bill that you are paying monthly, you should ask yourself: What is your reason is for keeping it? While some people keep it out of habit, others think they need it to support their alarm systems. With a wireless upgrade to your security system, you no longer need that landline for communication. Still want to keep it? There are alternative services out there that will save you money in the long run such as Vonage and Ooma Telo which connect to your router but give you similar landline capabilities.

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  7. Stop Buying Hard Drive Space

  8. With Cloud based file storage, there is no need to spend money on large amounts of hard drive space, either in the form of high-cost computers or external hard drives. Buy the inexpensive computer and store your files in cloud based services such as Dropbox. Store all your music using online services such as Spotify, Google Music, iTunes, and Amazon Cloud Player. To back-up important files, store files on USB drives or CD's.

    While it's more common to invest in the latest technology because it makes life easier, it is also a great way to save money on your everyday expenses. Taking the time to learn about available technology now could save you money later.

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